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If you are looking to add a competitive edge to your comic business or just starting out in the world of comic book sales, this book can provide some amazing strategies for making profits through comic books.

About the Book

With so many new channels to buy and sell comic books from, this much needed e-book is designed to show you simple ways to tap into these great new opportunities.

The bad news: The comic book collecting world is full of risk. Just like any business, there will always be chance of serious failure. 

The good news: This book is based on personal experiences that will help you add many new ideas or even to re-structure your business plan and greatly improve your chances of success. 

What will you take away from this book?

My personal experiences making great profit selling vintage comics from home. I go over my buying process on where I look to find great deals on new books I want to buy, sell or keep in my personal collection.

Find great deals on new comic books

In this book I discuss some tips on where to locate some decent deals on modern to vintage comic books.

New channels to promote your books

Unique new ways to promote books online. From social media to auction house sites, there is much to learn!

How to buy, sell and make $$$

I have made substantial profit finding great deals and utilizing my sales channels to promote.

The must have book for your collection!

Collectors new or seasoned can gain a huge advantage from my e-book. What are you waiting for?!

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About the Author

Collecting comics has been a rewarding hobby that has become a serious means of ancillary income for me and my family. 

My journey began when a customer at my day job handed me an extra copy of a Spider-Man #1 he had signed by Stan Lee. 

It was from here that I began collecting, picking up issues of my favorite hero’s and their origins. I was hooked! I have learned a lot over the years and felt that this book can give some tips and tricks I wish I had learned as a novice collector.

Enjoy your future success with comic books!

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What I love about this e-Book

My book will help provide ways to find an opportunities for good purchase deals on comics, and possible sales channels that are available to get your comics exposure. I hope that this serves as a great tool to help you achieve your dreams of providing an additional income through comic book sales!